Saint Charles goes Bayerische Staatsoper München

Saint Charles goes Bavarian State Opera Munich

Saint Charles proudly announces an exceptional collaboration with the Bavarian State Opera in Munich. Together, they have created a fragrance composition that captures the characteristic aromas of the renowned national theater.

The product of this collaboration is the soap SOAPOPERA, now available in the opera's washrooms.

SOAPOPERA: An olfactory masterpiece

SOAPOPERA is more than just soap. It is an ode to the senses, combining the scents of fresh flowers from the House of the Gods Hall, the rosin of the Bavarian State Ballet's pointe shoes, and the heavy theater curtain. These fragrances evoke emotions and memories that are otherwise hidden.

The plant-based liquid soap SOAPOPERA consists of a carefully curated blend of natural ingredients for a unique olfactory experience. The composition of lavender, cajeput, geranium, frankincense, and lemon reflects the elegance and sophistication of the Bavarian State Opera. This exquisite combination enchants the senses and highlights the magic of each individual scent note.

Voices on the collaboration

Mag. pharm. Alexander Ehrmann, founder and pharmacist of Saint Charles, expressed his enthusiasm: "The love for opera was instilled in me from an early age. The Bavarian State Opera has always been highly regarded in my parents' home in Salzburg. The development of SOAPOPERA was an exciting, creative process, where many senses came together in a wonderful way."

Michael Wuerges, Director of Communications at the Bavarian State Opera, added: "Opera, ballet, and concerts are powerhouses of emotions. They touch us anew every evening. In collaboration with Saint Charles, we ventured to capture scents in the national theater that visitors do not know because they are behind the scenes."

SOAPOPERA: Now available at the Saint Charles Store in Munich

The exclusive soap SOAPOPERA is now available at the opera shop of the Bavarian State Opera, the new Saint Charles Store in Munich, at Saint Charles in Vienna, and online. A refill of the soap is also offered at the Saint Charles Store in Munich.

SOAPOPERA – a must-have for all who love the exceptional. Visit the Saint Charles Store in Munich and let yourself be enchanted by the magic of this unique fragrance composition.

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