Stay Home. Stay Healthy. – Unsere Tipps aus der Apotheke

Stay Home. Stay Healthy. - Our tips from the pharmacy

The current Corona crisis is forcing us all to slow down and be considerate of our fellow citizens. For most of us, this is leading to a fundamental change in our usual routine. While we as a pharmacy are one of the few businesses still open for basic service, most of you are probably at home! Good thing! "Stay Home" is now helping us to contain any further spread. But to help you stay healthy and positive in every way during this time, we've put together a few tips that we hope will help you during this challenging time.

Oil pulling - your new morning ritual

Oil pulling is a straightforward method that helps with daily detoxification. In the Ayurvedic tradition, "oil pulling" detoxifies the entire organism. The Indian healing art says that all organs are "representatively" located on the tongue. Since the 1990s, oil pulling has advanced to become a healing and cleansing morning ritual for many people, even outside of Ayurveda, and can help establish new routines during this time.

Making warm congee - Because now is the time

Congee comes from Traditional Chinese Medicine and is a rice soup that is very wholesome and nourishing due to its long cooking time of 2h or more. It can be enjoyed as a hot breakfast, but also as a lunch. Spicy or sweet, as you will always find on Martina Hörlein's menu at grains by Saint Charles Alimentary. For us, Martina revealed one of her most popular breakfast recipes.

Yoga - To stay physically fit too

Yoga helps to find your inner centre during this time. Conscious breathing exercises and short meditations help to restore harmony between body and mind during yoga practice. Yoga in combination with restorative yin elements and calming breathing exercises allows you to recharge your batteries and at the same time regain your inner balance and serenity.

Making your own hydrolates - Using the condensation method

Hydrolates are typically created as a by-product in the production of essential oils. Steam (depending on the plant) can be used to distil the essential oils. The plant ingredients are bound in the water, which is more colourless than water or oil extracts. Many valuable substances of the original plants are still contained in hydrolates, which is why they can be used in many different ways. With this option, you can utilise your own herbs and plant materials.

Making herbal ointments - making good use of household herbs and weeds

Our pharmacist Manuela gives tips about herbs and the knowledge of how to process them. First and foremost, it is essential to use natural ingredients in organic quality without hormone-active substances, carcinogenic additives, preservatives, etc. Above all, it is the house weeds and weeds that grow on our doorstep that we need and should use.

Techniques for relaxation - What the soul needs at the moment

Stress causes our body to become active. It gets into an emergency situation and in the process releases the stress hormones adrenaline, dopamine and cortisol. The result: the immune system is weakened. To prevent this, it is important to find the right balance between stress and relaxation. We give you 10 relaxation techniques that you can easily do at home. The more often relaxation techniques are repeated, the easier it will be to achieve the relaxed state again.

The entire Saint Charles Family team wishes you and your loved ones nothing but the best and thanks you for your trust. Here's to coming out of this crisis united and stronger soon.

Stay Home. Stay Healthy.

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