Abkühlung im Sommer - 6 Tipps aus der Apotheke gegen Hitze

Cooling down in summer - 6 tips from the pharmacy against heat

The temperatures are rising and rising. For many, it's off to the long-awaited holiday, where high temperatures are easier to bear. For all those at home suffering from the high heat, we ve collected a few tips on how to cool down our bodies when temperatures are high.

  1. Massage with peppermint oil

Reports on the use of peppermint and its oil exist in many ancient cultures. The scent of peppermint is refreshing and cooling. As a "cure-all" in the context of aromatherapy, peppermint offers a variety of uses, e.g. mixed with jojoba oil as a cooling leg massage for swollen feet. Ideal after hiking days, long work and sporting activities. An all-rounder in our range is the Magnesium Gel Sport. It combines high-quality Zechstein magnesium with the essential oils peppermint and spruce and is massaged directly onto stressed parts of the body.

  1. Oxymel

The natural sour honey made from vinegar and honey is recommended by our pharmacists as a daily mineral refreshment in between meals. Doctors of antiquity, such as Hippocrates, already swore by the health-promoting effect of the healing drink. Cold-stirred honey contains around 200 ingredients, including amino acids, minerals, enzymes and many more. Due to its high mineral content, Oxymel is particularly suitable for people with mineral deficiencies and muscle cramps. You can find out more about Oxymel here.

  1. Hydrolate

Another tip that our founder Alexander Ehrmann particularly likes to follow: Cool 100% pure plant hydrolates in the fridge and refresh your face with it every morning or in between. New in our range is our 100% natural plant hydrolate peppermint from steam distillation. The fresh, invigorating scent of the plant water promotes clear thinking and activates body and mind. As a leg spray, the peppermint hydrolate has a toning effect. For an extra freshness kick, we recommend chilling the hydrolate in the refrigerator.

  1. Soul Splash

Do you need more energy? In summer, we are often drained by days of heat and the resulting poor sleep. If you are looking for a 100% organic energiser, you will find it in our Soul Splash fragrance elixir. Whether applied to the face or body, SOUL SPLASH promotes normal concentration, energises and strengthens body and mind. The top note with lemongrass, rosemary and basil gives energy, while bitter orange, cajeput and lavender as heart notes have a clarifying and strengthening effect. Find out more about Soul Splash here

  1. Organic Herbal Iced Tea

Who says you can only drink tea in winter? Even in summer, our pharmacists recommend the cool refreshment of a herbal tea. Tip: Our Saint Charles Tea Organic N°8 - Ginger Lemongrass is perfect for making iced tea. Simply brew the tea, add lemon or/and lemongrass, let it cool and serve with ice cubes.

  1. Hydro Boost Gel Serum

If the skin is exposed to more sunlight in summer, it tends to dry out more quickly. Our remedy: the Hydro Boost Gel Serum. The hyaluronic acid in the serum binds moisture, while the pollutant Ectoin has an anti-inflammatory effect, protects against pollutants and has a regenerating effect on the skin.

The ideal moisturising day care for the summer.

Are you still looking for more tips and ways to refresh yourself? Then discover more products in our online shop or ask our pharmacists and staff in our pharmacies and stores. We are always happy to advise you.

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