Bohemian Woods

Spices, incense, woody

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Intense incense and spices evoke images of an open fire - smoky, warm and soothing.

Bohemian Woods plays the passionate song of fiery adventures. It is a tribute to its roots and at the same time open-hearted for new paths. The opening of this woody-dry perfume is a spirited accord of red pepper, freesia and eucalyptus, rounded off by seductive absinthe. Incense, saffron leather and vanilla give the composition a soothing yet wistful base.

Top notes: Absinthe, elemi gum, red pepper, freedia.
Heart notes: Saffron, incense, iris, patchouli
Base notes: dry woods, musk, leather, vanilla

Alcohol Denat (SD Alcohol 39C), Aqua (Water), Parfum -(Fragrance), Linalool, Limonene, Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, CI15985, CI19140, CI60730, CI14700, 73% Vol.
This Eau de Parfum envelops you in a deep cloak of incense. Spicy and woody. Spray on once or twice.


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