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Palo Santo Hölzer in Räucherschale auf schöner Marmortisch

Palo Santo

Grounding Incense

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Palo Santo is a tree of the balsam family that is native to the South American coast. The name can be translated from Spanish as "holy wood" or "tree of life". It is related to the resins frankincense, myrrh and copal and has a particularly complex scent that is both earthy and woody, but also fresh.

Palo Santo is traditionally used to dispel negative energies and provide serenity and relaxation.

1 Bündel enthält 5 Palo Santo Holzstücke
Light the piece of wood over the incense burner at the tip, let it burn briefly until it glows a little, then blow out the flame, let smoke escape. Do not leave unattended.






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