Traubenkern Gesichtspeeling
Traubenkern Gesichtspeeling & Maske

Traubenkern Gesichtspeeling & Maske

Peeling & mask to do by yourself

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The Demeter-certified grape seed facial peeling from dieNikolai consists of only three different active ingredients and can transform facial cleansing into a natural peeling - without any chemicals or microplastics. All ingredients (Wachauer healing earth, grape seed flour, wine stone) come from the own bio-dynamic vineyards of Austria's oldest winery, the Nikolaihof Wachau. Mix the powder individually with a face cleanser to remove dandruff from the skin and preserve its healthy and natural radiance. Due to the high healing clay content, the powder is also suitable as a clarifying detox mask.
Wachau healing clay, grape seed flour, wine stone
Depending on the desired effect, you can mix the powder with tonic, serum or fluid to a mask. After about 10 minutes the mask is removed from the skin with a cleansing product.


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